A Train On Rails Stunningly Carved Into a Pencil

Tiny works of art created from a such a common item is fascinating

Very first pencil carving project
Artist Cindy Chinn created this amazing ‘train on rails’ miniature sculpture. She carved it into a carpenter’s pencil.. what stunned us was that this was her very first pencil carving project, really amazing.

She tells on her website what fascinates her so much about carving this miniature works of art:

One medium that has always intrigued me is the art of carving pencil leads. I’ve always loved carving and sculpting and seeing the tiny works of art created from a such a common item is fascinating! I finally found some time and went to work. I bought some carpenter’s pencils and tried a number of different subjects. Some worked better than others, and some were just a little too hard to get the detail I needed to pull off in such a small space. - Cindy Chinn


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