Color-changing cake is the new optical illusion “dress” argument

There are ridged waves in the icing that you are sure play a role in the illusion

Credible insight
It’s funny how people cannot just see something and take it for what it is. In this curious (and critical) world, people HAVE to dissect it, make sense of it and understand all of its components. This becomes a hard task, especially in the fields of artistry, luckily science always has a pretty definite answer. Earlier this year people were enamored by the white/gold or blue/black dress controversy never getting a real answer, throwing various variables into the discussion like ambient light and shadows to clarify any possible variations.

The next object of color discussion that seems to be gaining some traction is this color changing cake. An optical illusion of interchanging hues of icing is kind of mesmerizing. At one angle the cake displays colors of yellow, red and pink, then with a quick spin of the cake the alternate side show colors of purple, blue and green. There are ridged waves in the icing that you are sure play a role in the illusion, but you may not initially know how.

We decided to do some research by diving into the comments section (I know, God help us). A few commentators had some credible insight, being a few cake decorators in the mix offering their expertise. Apparently to gain this effect on a cake, you must airbrush the cake from various angles. Lexine Oliveira explains, “Make the edging design you want, then take one side of the cake and spray from a straight angle on the cake, so that the color ends up on one side of the ridges alone. Spray the colors you want, then spin the cake around and do the same on the opposite side. You are working with the ridges so that you get one color on one side of the ridge and another color on the other side. There for giving the effect of changing colors when you change the cake around. It takes a bit of practice to get it to look good, but its really fun.”


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