8 Signs You Are Smarter Than Average

You might be one of the sharper tools in the shed

Whether or not we’re smart
Do you like cats? Are you tall, thin, and shun cigarettes? According to research published by Business Insider, you might be one of the sharper tools in the shed. Many of us have a normal curiosity about whether or not we’re smart, but without completing a standardized test, such as the Stanford-Binet intelligence test, we might not know for sure. Lucky for us, researchers have identified traits and behaviors that are common to intelligent people.

If you’re curious about your innate intellect, check out this infographic from Business Insider. It breaks down common behaviors and characteristics that those who are smarter than the average Joe express and exhibit. Obviously, and as Business Insider points out, starting these behaviors today won’t make you smarter — sorry, taking up recreational marijuana as a new hobby won’t boost your brainpower.


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