Fascinating Portraits of The Disappearing Sea Gypsies

It’s amazing that these groups still exists in our busy, modern world

Photography series with stunning portraits
The Sea Gypsies are a sea tribe that still lives in a traditional way, but is disappearing and about to be swallowed by our busy modern world. Photographer Mark Lehn was always fascinated by these people and decided to document this before they are gone. We asked him how he got there and what his drive was to document this..

It was a self-funded project that I initiated. I’d read about sea gypsies in South East Asia many years ago and had been fascinated with these groups ever since. As the numbers of sea gypsies are diminishing I wanted to photograph them before I no longer had the opportunity. I travelled to Semporna from Australia (flying into Tawau) and from there I hired a boat and captain to take me out to sea, where the sea gypsies can be found. I think it’s amazing that these groups still exists in our busy, modern world. Seeing these people and being the recipient of their kindness really made me appreciate some of the more simple things in life and the connection between people and our environment.

This all resulted in a fascinating photography series with stunning portraits..


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