What Men Start to like More in Women as They Age

Luckily, men's ignorance doesn't last forever

Qualities that men start to appreciate
Young boys have no idea what they want from life, and that includes what they want in a partner. They think that beauty is the most important thing, which couldn't be further from the truth. Luckily, their ignorance doesn't last forever. Here are a few qualities that men start to appreciate more as they grow older:

1. Nurturing

You aren't going to replace his mother. However, he certainly won't mind it if you take care of him when he's sick and buy him his favorite snacks when you go shopping.

2. Calm

Men aren't interested in drama. He won't want to get dragged into crazy fights every other week.

3. Neat

When you live together, he'll be thankful for your cleanliness. He doesn't want hair clogging the drain and makeup products littering the tabletops.

4. Smart

Boys care about beauty. Men care about intelligence. Your brain is much more important than your body is.

5. Caring

A caring girlfriend is a good girlfriend. It doesn't matter how you show him that you care, as long as he realizes that you do. He just wants to feel loved and appreciated.

6. Creative

Creative women come up with the best presents, make the most delicious desserts, and go on the most entertaining dates.

7. Disciplined

Men want a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. That's why you shouldn't let anything stop you from going after your dreams. Your man will see it as a turn on.

8. Faithful

We're not the only ones worried about getting cheated on. Men are just as worried about potentially having their hearts broken.

9. Friendly

Men want to date someone that they'll feel comfortable taking home to their parents. If you get along with everyone, then he won't have anything to worry about.

10. Genuine

He doesn't want you to pretend to like basketball or beer. He wants you to be yourself. An honest relationship is better than a fake one.

11. Mature

He doesn't want to date a child. He wants someone who's reliable and trustworthy. If he can have an "adult" conversation with you, he'll be happy.

12. Optimistic

It's way too easy to be a pessimist in this world. That's why men love optimistic women. Whenever he's feeling down, she can cheer him up.

13. Punctual

There's nothing worse than your partner being late for a date. That's why men appreciate women who always show up on time.

14. Laid-back

He doesn't want to go out on the town every week. He'll be happy if you're happy to just sit around and watch Netflix.

15. Romantic

Forget what you've heard about men hating romance. A lot of them actually enjoy it, as long as you don't go overboard.

16. Respectful

He wants you to treat waitresses just as nicely as you treat him. After all, everyone deserves respect.

17. Understanding

He doesn't want you to judge him for wasting money on a new video game system. He wants you to understand that he needs it, so that he can relax after his rough days.


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