Disney’s VertiGo robot climbs up walls with such ease

Gadget that might hit the markets in the future

Transitioning from the ground to the wall
Every now and again the Disney Research team surprises us with new entertaining and ingenious gadgets, like the Beachbot that autonomously draws art in the sand or the coloring book that turns brings characters to life with augmented reality. This time they partnered up with ETH Zurich to create a wall-climbing robot that is capable of transitioning from the ground to the wall.

This 4-wheeled car is equipped with two propellers that helps the robot transition to the wall and then keep it from falling by pushing it up against the wall with unusual speed. Vertigo is undoubtedly an amazing “toy” to play with in any environment without being stopped by the presence of vertical walls. The Disney team also highlights the agility that VertiGo react to various environments.

Disney has not yet shown any intention to mass produce and sell this concept, however, its technology can be expected to be used in some gadget that might hit the markets in the future.


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