28 Pictures That Prove 2015 Wasn’t A Completely Terrible Year

Not everything was terrible

Some absolutely great facts
1. When this kid met his heroes:

2. Every time this old man and his dog went out:

3. The first day together for this happy new family:

4. When the meter homie came to the rescue:

5. The world’s most comforting professor:

6. When this employee helped a man feed himself:

7. When this shop owner promised to help those in need:

8. When this dad got tickets to see Mexico play soccer for the first time:

9. Every day in the life of this newly minted dog:

10. When this man did what he thought was right:

11. When this tip was left for someone in need:

12. These winter warmth packages around a city:

13. When the Redbox angel gave money for snacks:

14. When these two grandmas showed us how to act on the internet:

15. When these people helped an elderly man in need:

16. When this man helped an old lady despite inconveniencing himself:

17. When this cat was saved from the rain:

18. When this girl surprised her nurse after being paralyzed:

19. When this old guy fell in love:

20. When this little kid went to school lookin’ like a BOSS:

21. When this kid helped his classmate get fresh:

22. And when this man helped this other man look fresh:

23. These kids lining up just to get the signature of their janitor:

24. When someone left the world’s first positive bathroom graffiti:

25. This story of library kindness:

26. When this person did laundry for someone in need:

27. These garbagemen channeling their inner child:

28. And when an entire community came together for this little boy’s birthday:

Yeah, maybe it wasn’t all bad.


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