World’s most impressive bridges

Bridges proved to be one of the most useful and amazing creations of mankind

Beauty and majesty
Since the dawn of civilization, bridges proved to be one of the most useful and amazing creations of mankind, both for its imposing structures – some of which become architectural landmarks and symbols of big cities – and for being able to withstand huge amounts of weight even when they seem extremely fragile. We have selected for you 8 of the most impressive bridges around the world that mesmerizes us for their beauty and majesty.

Millau Viaduct

Also known as Millau Bridge, the bridge is not impressive only for its beauty but also because it is the highest in the world reaching 343 meters high at the top of its pillars. The road itself stands at an impressive 270 meters, which can be quite daunting.

Golden Gate Bridge

Possibly the most famous bridge in the world (along with the Tower Bridge in London), the Golden Gate Bridge may not be the holder of any records, but it is one of a kind thanks to its design, which was quite an innovation at the time it was built. Many people wonder how this enormous bridge can be suspended by cables alone. The answer can be found if you ever visit the southern part of the Golden Gate Bridge, where there is a huge cross section of the cable exposed. Instead of a single wire, the bridge cables are made of thousands of smaller wires in order to create an incredibly wide cable, which is then coated in steel to protect them from rust. And for those who are curious about how many wires were used for the Golden Gate Bridge’s cables, the answer might be a shock: 27,572!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

This one is obviously a beautiful architectural masterpiece, but that’s not the only reason the Sydney Harbour Bridge made it to the list. While most bridges only have a few lanes, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is actually a suspended highway, provided with eight lanes for cars, two for trams, a bike lane and a pedestrian walkway. To support the huge number of lanes, it has to be pretty big, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge certainly shows and impressive width of 49 meters; which earned it the title of the world’s widest long-span bridge.

Helix Bridge

With a completely different architecture from what you might expect of a bridge, the Helix Bridge impresses with its unique beauty. Its structure is composed of thousands of metal rods, arranged in a way that creates a long spiral from one side of this pedestrian bridge to another. At night, the Helix Bridge becomes even more beautiful with the help of a series of lights scattered throughout the structure, which highlight the Helix spiral.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

This is a bridge not meant for the faint hearted because of the way it is suspended – the entire structure is suspended by 8 cables from a 81.5m high single pylon, and hangs at about 100m above ground. Not to mention its been closed many times for maintenance since it’s still going through some work. However, if you can get over all of this, you will be rewarded by the incredible view of the Langwaki archipelago.

Infinity Bridge
This bridge is one of the most impressive ones in our list thanks to its modern architecture, which resembles an infinity symbol when reflected on the water below. But not only that, the really interesting thing about it only shows at night: a series of lights illuminates the sides of the walking path, changing colors whenever a person walks by, which you can see in the video below.

Tower Bridge

Inaugurated in 1894, this landmark is undoubtedly the most famous bridge in the world, and one of the main tourist attractions in London. With medieval castle style towers, the bridge is an important part of London’s transportation system, being one of the main connections between the two sides of River Thames.

Khaju Bridge

Twenty-three stone arches form one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. Located in Isfahan, Iran, the construction not only links both sides of the Zayandeh River, it also functions as a dam regulating the flow of the river. The Khaju Bridge has been mesmerizing tourists since the 17th century when it was built at the request of the Persian Safavid king, Shah Abbas II.


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