The first 40 years of childhood are the most difficult for a boy

Are they serious, big, powerful and strong?

Children at heart
Men often turn out to be serious, big, powerful, strong, clever, resolute, responsible…children at heart.

Just bought a pool for our kid…

Pass by a playground without stopping: mission impossible.

Really, it’s impossible… even for the tough guys.

Look, I’m just like HULK!

She asked her husband to take his turn looking after the baby…

And this is where we’ll put the prince’s bedroom…

Just give me five more minutes!

We turned 25 today. Goo goo!


’A bit’ of popcorn, and then you can watch cartoons.

An evening with a beautiful lady.

Easter’s coming early this year.

The moment before…

Real-life superheroes.

Daaaad, can you slow down a bit?!


Hello, reindeer…

He wanted this ski outfit from the first second he saw it, I’ll bet.


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