12 Spot-On Parenting Cartoons That Show Daily Experiences Of New Mom

Being a parent is a lot of work

Relate and find humor
After giving birth to a baby boy in May, Bonnie Kimmerly found a new source of creative inspiration. She visualises the “new mom” events as cartoons in her head. The cartoons are about her daily parenting experiences — from breastfeeding struggles to awkward interactions with strangers in public.

“I had an urge to get my cartoons onto paper,” she said, adding that her husband soon brought home a sketchbook, which let her bring her ideas to life. “I figured I could bore my friends and family with my daily parenting experiences, or I could share them in cartoon format,” she said. “Plus, it’s calming and therapeutic to draw and color when the day is over and the baby is sleeping!”

“I hope other parents can relate and find humor in my cartoons,” Kimmerly continued. “Being a parent is a lot of work and you’re not alone in your experiences.”

1. Crinkly Chips

2. Get Down

3. How New Moms Answer The Door

4. Questions

5. PS4

6. Heart Attack

7. Like Father Like Son

8. Bus Ride

9. Relaxing Day At Home

10. Leaky Night

11. No Scrubs

12. Slippery


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