12 Hilarious Wedding Photo Fails

#5 Is The Weirdest Thing I’ve Ever Seen!

Weddings that weren’t precisely arranged well
For most couples, the big day is a standout amongst the most vital. It’s a fastidiously arranged occasion that welcomes family and companions to come in and luxuriate in the adoration for the two love birds, and as a rule, there are some extraordinary photographs recording the uncommon day. These are not those photographs. Here, we have 12 photographs of weddings that weren’t precisely arranged well, turned out badly, or just got out and out strange. We don’t comprehend what conveyed #5 to this specific point, yet we’re certain it wasn’t something to be thankful for.

1 The bridesmaids that live inside all of us.

2 This wasn’t supposed to happen.

3 Someone’s getting yelled at later.

4 Being a bride is hard work.

5 When they said casual beach wedding, they meant it.

6 Practicing their moves as husband and wife.


7 The lankiest bride in the world.

8 The cake has her dress on and everything.

9 Marital bliss.

10 What they drove to the ceremony.

11 A keg-standing bride is a happy bride.

12 Something tells us this didn’t go as planned.


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