Man Has Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Tattooed

He Made It After Losing It For Years

Sure to never lose it
Everyone has a favorite home cooked recipe and none are really ever alike, especially when it comes to desserts. Sure, there are any number of ways to make a delicious, say, chocolate chip cookie but one man was so desperate to get it back, he would make damn sure to never lose it once it made its way back into his life.

Are those nipples?

The man who posted the recipe tattoo to the internet said it's not his but in fact from a man he met at a Cancer Awareness Walk. From there he was told the romantic story how the man had lost the recipe for years, but after finally coming across it again, he knew exactly how to NEVER lose it a second time. Take that, Nicolas Sparks!

The man who took the photo decided to see how good this recipe really was. I mean, you can get a decent chocolate chip cookie about anywhere so what's the big deal, right? He followed up with the original picture post with an image of the recipe in its final form.

Jesus, those look good. Obviously without tasting them, they look pretty damn amazing. And they've succeeded at the first rule of Chocolate Chipping; Load those fuckers up with chocolate chips.

After finally trying one of the cookies, the man who found the tattoo confirms that they are in fact pretty damn tasty.


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