17 Things the Right Man Will Love about You

Few things that your future husband will love about you

He loves you for you
Never pretend to be someone that you're not in order to impress your crush. After all, the right man is going to love you for you. He won't expect you to be anything other than yourself. Believe it or not, here are a few things that your future husband will love about you:

1. Your Body

He's going to love the size of your breasts, hips, and lips. He won't have anything to complain about, because you'll look flawlessly beautiful in his eyes.

2. Your Brain

Never call yourself stupid. Everyone has a different set of knowledge. Whatever man you marry will think you're brilliant.

3. Your Family

Your man might not get along with everyone in your family, but he should love them like you do. After all, they're basically his family, too.

4. Your Hobbies

Your man should be proud that you're passionate about something. He should love your artwork, your singing voice, or your writing. In fact, he'll probably even brag about it.

5. Your Annoying Quirks

The right guy for you will actually like the quirks that everyone else finds annoying. After all, you're perfect in his eyes.

6. Your Voice

Your man should love to hear the sound of your voice. That's why he'll want to talk to you over the telephone if he can't see you in person.

7. Your Pets

Your pets are pretty much your children. That's why he'll love them as much as you love them.

8. Your Nicknames

He might make fun of the nicknames you give him, but he'll secretly like them. They're cute little inside jokes.

9. Your Cooking

He might not think your cooking is the greatest thing he's ever tasted, but he'll certainly appreciate it whenever you decide to whip up a meal for him. He'll love the effort you put into it.

10. Your Smile

The right guy for you will love to see you smile. Your happiness will bring him happiness.

11. Your Name

The right #guy for you will love to say your name. It'll taste delicious on his lips.

12. Your “flaws”

You might think that your birth marks are flaws, but your man won't think so. He'll think they're beautiful, just like the rest of you.

13. Your Kisses

Your future husband will call you an amazing kisser. He'd rather press his lips against yours than anyone else's.

14. Your Friends

Your man doesn't have to become best friends with your friends. However, if he loves you, then he should love them, too.

15. Your Date Ideas

He should love the cute little date ideas you come up with. After all, it shows your creative side.

16. Your Personality

He should love your personality as a whole. He should love the way you scratch your head when you're confused and how you jump around when you're excited.

17. The Way You Look at Him

When you look him in the eyes, he should be happier than ever. After all, there's nothing better than being with the love of your life.


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