Try These 21 Amazing Flower Braids

There are so many ways to do them!

Thanks Elsa and Katniss!
Braids have been big for a while now - thanks Elsa and Katniss! - but the new twist is the flower braid. They're so pretty, and there are so many ways to do them! Here are a few ideas - thanks Instagram!

1. Half-up

2. Messy, but Soooo Pretty!

3. Low Chignon-style

4. With an Actual Flower, Too!

5. She's so Boho

6. Flowers + Feathers

7. Her Hair is so Thick!

8. Braided Beauty

9. Dutch Flower Braid

10. On the Side

11. Loads of Braids

12. Prom Perfect

13. With Rainbow Hair

14. With a Waterfall Braid

15. Shell Braid? or Flower Braid?

16. One Little Flower in Rose Gold Hair

17. Little Girl's Double-Flower Braid

18. French Braid with a Flower in the Middle

19. Mermaid Braid + Flower Braid

20. So Pretty!

21. I Had to Include It Anyway...


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