17 Realistic Expectations You Should Have in Relationships

Do you expect your men to behave like characters in novels?

Normal standards
Some of us have unrealistic expectations and expect our men to behave like characters in novels or movies. However, other women have standards that are way too low. Well, it's time to change that. Here are a few realistic expectations you should have in relationships:

1. He’ll Listen to You

Your boyfriend should pay attention when you talk. He should want to hear about your day, even if it was pretty boring.

2. He’ll Support You

Your boyfriend should be your biggest fan. It doesn't matter if you want to be an accountant or an artist, because he should support you 100%.

3. He Won’t Cheat on You

It's not crazy to want to be the only woman in his life. You shouldn't settle for someone who's willing to cheat on you.

4. He Won’t Lie to You

With the exception of little white lies about your birthday gift, he shouldn't lie to you. It's dangerous to date someone you can't trust.

5. He’ll Occasionally Pay for You

He doesn't have to pay for every meal. However, it's normal to expect him to offer to buy you your food every once in a while.

6. He’ll Introduce You to His Friends and Family

You shouldn't be a secret. If he tries to hide you away, then something is wrong in your relationship.

7. He’ll Compliment You

It's not wrong to want compliments. We all love them. Besides, your boyfriend should want to give them to you, just so he can see you smile.

8. He’ll Always Text You Back

It's reasonable to expect your boyfriend to text you back. If he ignores some of your messages, then you're probably not with the right person.

9. He’ll Compromise with You

He shouldn't get his way whenever you two have a fight. You need to compromise, so that you're both happy at the end of the day.

10. He’ll Tell You Where He is at All Times

He shouldn't lie to you about where he's going. He should let you know where he is at all times.

11. He Won’t Take Advantage of You

Don't date a man who's only using you for sex. You're worth so much more than that.

12. He’ll Give as Much as He Receives in Bed

If you're sexually active, you shouldn't settle for a guy who's selfish in the bedroom. He should give just as much as he receives.

13. He’ll Comfort You when You Cry

Your boyfriend shouldn't run the other way whenever you show your emotions. He should stick by your side, no matter what.

14. He’ll Give You Alone Time

You two shouldn't be attached at the hip. He needs to give you some space every once in a while.

15. He’ll Cuddle You without Trying for Sex

Touching shouldn't always lead to something more. He should be able to enjoy the feel of your body without trying to make a move.

16. He’ll Show You He Loves You as Much as He Says It

He should tell you he loves you, and he should show you he loves you. You deserve it.

17. He’ll Be the Best Person He Can Be

If he loves you, then he'll want to make you happier than ever. In order for that to happen, he'll have to try his hardest to be the best man that he could possibly be.


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