Up Your Color Game with Northern Lights Hair

One of my most favorites is Northern Lights hair

Colorful hair trend
We've seen some very colorful hair trends in the most recent years. Social media in 2015 was lit up by hair in amazing hues and shades from the palest grays to the darkest blacks. One of my most favorites is Northern Lights hair. I'd never be brave enough to be so bold but I'm happy to admire it. Let's see if you're as taken with Northern Lights hair as I am.

1. Peacock Shades

Northern lights hair doesn't have to be bright in-your-face.

2. Northern Lights Inspired Ombré

The effect is stunning.

3. Northern Lights Pixie

Looks just as fabulous on short hair as long. 4. More Ocean than Aurora Borealis?

From deepest indigo to sea foam.

5. Northern Lights Hair by Ursula Goff

These colors are incredible.

6. Sky Shades

Inspired by nature's beauty.

7. Northern Lights Interpretation by Jennifer Malloy

Looks just as good on straight hair as on wavy.

8. Insanely Gorgeous

Can you ever have too many colors? Only the most spectacular of Northern Lights gets this varied. Did you know the lights are caused by the interaction of electrically charged gas particles in the air? The colors depend on which gases are present.

9. Gorgeous in 3 Ways

Could you be this brilliant with hair chalk?

10. Pastels

If pale is your thing will you love this?

11. Lights over the Ocean

Hard to tell sometimes where the sky ends and the sea starts.

12. Graduated Color

So it might merely be photo shopped but how lovely it is.


Wild and free just like the lights in the sky.

14. Drama

Dramatic colors for an eye-catching style.

15. Dreamy

The aurora borealis meets hair.

16. Vivid Lights

I really love how this is dark then light then dark again.

17. Deep and Dark

This mix has always been one of my favorite color palettes.

18. Northern Lights in Waves

So pretty when the mute button is pressed on the color.

19. Green Dream

Make a statement and rock it.

20. Peachy

This is so, so pretty

21. Flying High

The Northern Lights meets a deep space galaxy.


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