Breakfast just got better with Lego Cheerios Machine

Double check each spoonful for any smaller lego parts

The most important meal of the day
I mean who really has time for breakfast anymore? What should supposedly be the most important meal of the day, more than often gets neglected and forgotten because who can spare any extra time in the morning to bother with it. Well this student and Lego enthusiast, may just have a solution for you. That solution resides in a Cheerios Machine that accepts monetary tender in exchange for a bowl of Cheerios with milk. Oh, also I almost forgot to mention it is constructed entirely out of Lego.

Starting with the machine’s coin dispenser that specifically takes only a 2 Euro coin – other coins can be attempted but only the 2 Euro coin has the width to make it through the coin slide and trigger the activation light. Other coins fall short because of their width and are dispensed back down the coin shoot.

Once the activation light comes on, you can trigger the white button on the front to begin the cereal dispensary system. After placing your bowl in the appropriate position, a gear rack will place a fitting measure of Cheerios into the bowl. After that comes the more impressive feat of the machine, the milk pour. A motorized competent of the machine lifts up a gear that allows milk to be released out of a small bottle for 15 seconds. The lever then moves down, lowering the gear to stop pour. The machine also achieves what seems to be the perfect cereal to milk ratio. A side drawer on the left houses utensils and needed spoons.

Do not forget to turn the machine off on the side to keep motorized components from dying. Lastly, better to be safe than sorry, double check each spoonful for any smaller lego parts.


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