19 Slightly Odd Things Everyone Who Loves To Eat Has Done

When you get carried away and accidentally eat some of the food packaging too

Get free food sample
1. Made pretty much anything into a snack.

2. Accidentally eaten a bit of food packaging along with your food.

3. Eaten half of your ingredients for dinner while you’re still cooking it.

“Well, I suppose there’ll be no cheese in this pasta bake now.”

4. Cooked a bunch of random ingredients because you were hungry AF but didn’t have the right stuff for a more ~cohesive~ meal.

5. Burnt the roof of your mouth eating food that was too hot because you couldn’t wait.

6. Tactfully left gaps between going back to get free food samples, in the hopes they don’t remember you.

When you see a new person has taken over the samples, that’s when it’s safe to go in for your next lot.

7. Eaten meals in silence, because you don’t want people distracting you from your joy with their chit chat.

8. Thought about your next meal while already eating a meal.

9. Felt genuine distress when someone who came to a restaurant after you got their food before you.

Yes, your food will eventually come. Yes, it is a fairly small problem. But it doesn’t make that long wait feel shorter.

10. Got hungry looking at the food emojis.

That bread looks so smooth.

11. And got upset when you saw delicious food in cartoons, because you’ll never be able to try it.

Yes you can obviously have the IRL versions, but you want that exact food, damnit.

12. Gone to something only because you know there’s the best kind of food: free food.

13. Got upset when you reached the end of a good meal because you didn’t know when you’d have it again.

14. Refused to accept the possibility of having just one sandwich.

15. Gone to sleep purely because you know that when you wake up, you can have breakfast.

16. Gone well out of your way to get something specific that you were craving.

17. Seen food even where there is actually no food.

18. Measured money by how much food you can get with it.

Wealth means different things to different people, and to you it’s the ability to buy your body weight in fried chicken.

19. And wondered what you’re like when you’re not hungry, and if you’ll ever actually find out.


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