7 Easy Ways To Eat Healthier Without Even Noticing

You’re already on the bandwagon, you just have to keep it going

1. Make a lunch plan for the week and prep everything ahead of time.

Here are 7 healthy lunches you can make ahead of time. And, if you don’t care about variety, just make big batches of your favorite protein, vegetables, and maybe a grain, then divvy them up.

2. Don’t know what to eat for breakfast? Throw a perfectly fried egg on top of a salad, and you’re good to go.

This fried egg has an extra-delicious secret.

3. If you haven’t taken BuzzFeed’s 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge yet, you really should!

It’s only a week long, and you’ll not only learn to eat healthy but also how to COOK healthy. WORTH IT.

4. Embrace winter and get your oven going. Single sheet tray meals are easy, delicious, and require very little clean-up.

Really, all you have to do it cut up your veg, toss it in fat, season everything liberally, and roast it until it’s done.

5. Know which oils to cook with, and when.

Fat is good for you, in moderation. It’s also good for making your food way more delicious. But, it’s important to understand which oils to use when. Certain healthy oils have pretty low smoke points, which means they’re great for salad dressing or drizzling on finished vegetables, but not so great for cooking.

6. Winter is a great time for root vegetables, but don’t forget that it’s also peak citrus season. The perfect orange can take any salad or grain bowl to the next level.

Hit up your local farmer’s market and get as many citrus fruits as you can carry. Or, try something new to you!

7. Now that it’s officially cold, you can officially get way into oatmeal.


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