You Can't Live without These Hot Makeup Products

Trying new makeup as often as possible

Ready to face the world
Makeup is something I rarely leave the house without. I just don't feel ready to face the world until I have my face on. Are you the same way? Then chances are that you love trying new makeup as often as possible. Me too! If you're stash needs some padding, these are definitely the hot items you should think about adding to your makeup bag.

1. Prep + Prime Skin

Use this fabulous stuff to get your skin ready for a flawless makeup finish any day.

2. Glitter

These single use glitter packs are perfect for adding some sparkle to your day.

3. Sequin Eye Shadow

This looks just as fabulous on your eyelids as it does in the container.

4. Fun Eye Colors

Here are the best neutral colors to round out your cosmetic bag.

5. Airbrush Luminizer

This fab luminizer is perfect for contouring and making you look gorgeous all day long.

6. Photo Perfection

This blemish erasing product will make your face ready for a close up in no time.

7. A Little Bit of Everything

Thanks D&G for giving up this multi-purpose palette with everything in one place.

8. Scented Powder

Not only does this provide outstanding coverage, but it also has a lovely scent at the same time. Perfect!

9. Brightening Brick

This little gem will give you a bright and youthful complexion anytime you use it.

10. The Perfect Smoky Eye

Use this wonderful set of shades to create the most perfect smoky eye anyone has ever seen.

11. The Perfect Red

Every girl wants their perfect red and this one is a fab choice.

12. Something Shiny

This shimmery color is wonderful for a brand new look on your eyes.

13. Fat Lip Penci

Wouldn't you love having this in your cosmetics bag?

14. Loose Color Pigment

This awesome loose color powder is fun for creating a unique look on your eyes. Get ready for some compliments!

15. Makeup Blending Sponge

Use these marvelous makeup sponges to get the most flawless finish you've ever had.

16. Something Blue

These blues are perfect if you want to try something new.

17. False Lashes Mascara

Skip the false lashes, but still look like you've got them on with this mascara.

18. Lip Crayon

This little set is totally going to change the way you put on makeup.

19. Dark Desires

Ready for something really dramatic? This is the product you need.

20. So Many Colors

You'll never be without the perfect color when you have this collection.

21. Pink and Gold Glitter

You are going to love what this glitter does for your look!


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