18 Terrible 1970s Menswear Ads That Prove The Decade Is Better Left Forgotten

The Decade Is Better Left Forgotten

Rainbow macramé
If you were lucky enough to untangle yourself from the rainbow macramé that was the 1970s, then these photos of what was then considered “fashionable” will be a disco-dance down memory lane. If you are a post-’70s baby, looking at these images may cause some wincing and general discomfort. Please take the ensuing terrible 1970s menswear ads with the pill of knowledge that one of the most popular films of 1972 was actually a porno:

Lesson one: There existed an unnatural affinity for anything cable-knit.
Likewise, the optimal pant waist should've just about reached your chin.
The giraffe print leotard: the height of the American Empire.
In the '70s, it simply was not a party without silk pants or mustard-colored onesies.
Only in the '70s would something be described as "the ultimate fashion climax."
Luckily the matador-about-town look never made it to the 1980s.
Male models of the '70s, ladies and gentlemen.
Which is more unsightly: the cut or the pattern?
Not quite sure why the slogan "slack power" didn't stick.
Forget everything in this picture except for the fact that people used to hang their underwear on circular hangers.
Plunging necklines and denim pantsuits — the '70s epitome of sportive.
The '70s were all about ... bottoms.
Dramatic coats and collars defined the '70s. A global recession clearly didn't cause any cuts in fabric usage.

In the '70s, you could also purchase a new, fashion forward shirt for just $1.94.
The advert on the right says that "the men people pay attention to will be wearing these coats," but we're wondering if this kind of attention is desirable.
"Just imagine how everyone will talk!" Yes, imagine...
These ensembles brought to you by the Council for the Color Blind.
'70s fashion kills: "Arnel" fabric was used in this garment, and was apparently discontinued because the fabric was made using a toxic chemical that likely affected brain function.


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