Shock celebrity transformations!

Not all of the shock celebrity transformations were scripted

Dramatic physical transformation
Can you believe some of these shocking celebrity transformations?!

For Hollywood’s A-listers, going through extreme makeovers for a big movie role is all just part of the 9-to-5, but not all of these shock celebrity transformations were scripted…

From Emma Thompson to Katie Price, these celebrity transformations are truly shocking! Can you even recognise all of these well-known names?

From film roles that required a dramatic physical transformation for the stars, to outrageous fashion mistakes at the start of their careers, we take a look at how some of our favourite stars have transformed themselves. Some of them are barely recognisable!

Can you spot the star behind all the stage hair and make-up or before they were famous?

Vicky Pattison has divided opinion with her new look! The former Georgie Shore star and fitness inspiration debuted a new look on the red carpet at the Soap Awards this weekend, as she ditched her cute dark crop for a longer caramel ‘do and heavy make-up. What do you think of her red carpet look? Did you like it?

Colin Firth has caused concern with his latest appearance on the red carpet in Cannes, with fans voicing worry that the actor was looking ‘uncharacteristically gaunt’. The handsome 55 year-old star raised eyebrows with his newly slimline figure, however reports are that his weight loss is for the sake of a new movie role.

Julia Roberts looked like she’d gone for a drastic new cut for her role in upcoming film Mother’s Day, but luckily the bright orange bob is just a wig for her character – phew!

X Factor winner Sam Bailey, 38, looks unrecognisable in these backstage snaps from a photo shoot! Blonde hair and busty – Sam looks a world away from her X Factor days!

Hilarious Hollywood comedienne and ‘Pitch Perfect’ actress Rebel Wilson has gone for a complete hair overhaul for her latest look! The Australian star left a salon in LA over the weekend sporting bright orange locks!

Michelle Keegan has traded her signature long, luscious, locks and perfectly tanned, clear skin, for the ginger curls and pale pallor of Queen Elizabeth I for Comedy Central’s Drunk History.

Dazzling in a gorgeous gown on the Golden Globes red carpet, you’d be forgiven for thinking Felicity Huffman and the woman who played ‘Lynette’ in Desperate Housewives all those years ago were different people! Gone are Felicity’s signature blonde locks, as the actress looked fabulous with a glossy brunette ‘do.

What happened to Matthew McConaughey?! The actor stepped out in baggy clothes and with a completely shaved head in New York recently – a far cry from the guy who filmed ‘How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days’ on the very same streets years earlier!

WHAT! Matthew McConaughey has gone from chiseled and tanned to tubby and bald! Now that’s role dedication!

Award winning actor Eddie Redmayne has completely transformed himself for his latest role!

The ‘Theory of Everything’ actor plays Artist Einar Wegener who undergoes a sex-change operation in the early 1900s – and he really looks the part! We feel another Oscar nomination coming on…

Emma Thompson normally proves that age is just a number and looks radiant in her 50s, but the Love Actually actress has totally transformed herself for her latest role!

Award winning Thompson plays a 77 year old lady of the night in her most recent film ‘The Legend of Barney Thomson’. The normally glamorous celebrity revealed that it took three and a half hours in the make-up chair every single day in order to transform her into a character nearly two decades older than herself! There’s something a bit ‘Dot Cotton’ from Eastenders about her transformation – don’t you think?

The normally edgy, quirky, actress Tilda Swinton has completely transformed herself for her latest role!

Swapping her short, cropped platinum blonde haircut for a mid-length brown wig, and her naturally pale complexion for a spray tan, the actress is barely recognisable. We wonder how Tilda felt wearing so much make-up when she normally keeps her look so natural and make-up free (apart from red carpet events!)

Liam Neeson has been worrying friends, family and fans alike with these shocking photos of the normally happy, charismatic actor looking gaunt and frail.

A year makes a big difference, as in recent photos Liam appears to have aged and lost a concerning amount of weight. We’re hoping he feels back to his normal self again soon!

Back when she was ‘Posh Spice’ and one fifth of one of the most successful girl bands of all time, Victoria Beckham rocked a bright blonde crop, fake tan, and some interesting fashion choices.

Fast forward over a decade later and this posh pop princess has become a celebrated fashion designer and the talk of New York!

Davina recently posted this pic on Instagram from her 21st birthday.

She’s been brunette ever since she started her television career so we were shocked to see her short blonde locks – but this fabulously fit TV star proves that age is just a number – she looks great!

Batman actor and general all-round action man, Christian Bale hit the gym hard to train up for his role in the 2002 dystopian film ‘Equilibrium’.

However, in 2004, he went to a crazy extreme and lost 63 pounds for the thriller ‘The Machinist’. After filming, Bale then piled the pounds back on again in only 6 weeks for ‘Batman Begins’ – now that cannot be healthy!

Since appearing on our screens in Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps in 2001, Sheridan Smith has always stood out for her fantastic performances.

Proving what a dedicated and talented actress she is, she stunned audiences with her moving and emotive performance as Lisa Lynch on BBC One, where she shaved her hair and plucked her eyebrows out for the role.

Katie Price started modelling at the young age of 16, and thanks to Page 3 became a household name. She’s come a long way since she walked the red carpet wearing skintight outfits, bottles of fake tan and bad hair extensions.

Here she is in one of her recent instagrams, looking super glam – she’s certainly learnt how to tone down the tan!

Holly Willougby has always been a friendly face on our TV screens, but over 15 years in show business has really transformed the star into a stylish, and sophisticated celeb who is talked about as much for her talent as for her great hair and beauty secrets!

After her hit single ‘Baby One More Time’ in 1999, Britney Spears became an overnight success and a global pop superstar. However fame took it’s toll on the young singer, and after a spontaneous Vegas marriage that lasted 55 hours in 2004, and another failed marriage to the father of her two children, Britney had a break down in 2007 and shocked fans with the dramatic change in her appearance.

Daughter of one of the most famous (and notorious!) rockers of all time, Kelly Osbourne felt the need to live up to her eccentric family’s reputation.

But after a lengthy battle with her weight, and the chance to spread her wings and find her own feet in Hollywood, this troubled teen blossomed into a stylish siren with signature lilac locks – you go Kelly!

A born and raised California girl, Kim Kardashian began establishing herself as a celebrity when a reality show about her family – ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ – aired on TV in 2007.

Fast forward seven years later and this self-made celebrity had one of the most lavish and OTT weddings of the year to media loving American rapper Kanye West. Between them they have created an entire empire out of their fame, and always keeping an eye out for the opportunity to be the center of attention, Kim dyed her lovely long dark locks peroxide blonde for Paris Fashion Week in 2015.

After finding fame through Disney in 2006, the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus became America’s sweetheart. The ‘curse of the child star’ got the better of Miley Cyrus though, and the once angel faced singer rebelled against her squeaky clean image in every way she could think of!

Natalie Portman lost a whopping 20 pounds to play the role of ballerina ‘Nina’ in the Oscar winning film ‘Black Swan’.

Natalie trained for up to eight hours a day, six days a week, for months before they started filming to get her ballet technique up to scratch and to achieve a realistic dancer’s body.

When Anne Hathaway first hit Hollywood, she became known for her all-American-girl image and shiny brunette locks that might even make the Duchess of Cambridge jealous.

However, whilst filming Les Miserables in 2011, Anne bravely had all her hair cut off in one emotional take for the film, and promptly won an Oscar for her performance.


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