17 "Bitchy" Qualities That Actually Make You a Strong Woman

Is it go-to insult for strong women?

It's really just a compliment
When a woman speaks her mind, she's called a "bitch." It's the go-to insult for strong women. Of course, you shouldn't be offended if anyone calls you by that name, because it's really just a compliment. Here are a few "bitchy" qualities that actually mean that you're a strong woman:

1. Independent

Some people will criticize you for being independent, because they assume that you think you're better than everyone else around you. However, that's far from the truth, and independence is a great quality to have.

2. Says No

Men will get angry at you when you turn them down. Of course, that doesn't make you bitchy. It makes you strong.

3. Speaks Her Mind

You're allowed to give your opinion. Some people just won't be able to handle your words, which is why they'll insult you to try to make you as upset as they are.

4. Bossy

When a man is bossy, he's called wise. When a woman is bossy, she's called a bitch. However, that shouldn't stop you from becoming a leader.

5. Strong-willed

Women can be tough as nails. However, some men still aren't used to that idea, which is why they'll insult strong-willed women.

6. Sticks up for Herself

If someone insults you, you have a right to stick up for yourself. After all, you're not some damsel in distress.

7. Confident

Some men don't know how to handle a confident woman. If you make it clear that you know how attractive you are, they'll get jealous of your self-esteem and call you a bitch.

8. Outgoing

You don't have to be the shy girl who sits in the corner. If you have an outgoing personality, then let it shine.

9. Takes Risks

Be brave and take risks. It means that you're as strong as they come.

10. Unattached

If you're single, some men will consider you a bitch, because they're annoyed that they don't have a chance with you. Of course, it's a good thing that you're happy on your own.

11. Feminism

Some people will call feminists bitches when we're really just trying to create equality. There's nothing wrong with that, is there?

12. High Standards

You should know what you deserve--and you deserve the very best! Keep your standards high, ladies.

13. Stoic

If you always keep a straight face, you'll be told to smile more. Of course, you don't have to smile to be considered a friendly person.

14. Knows What She Wants

It's not a crime to know what you want. In fact, your life will go a whole lot smoother if you have a clear set of goals.

15. Career Driven

If you're more focused on your career than your love life, other people will judge you. Of course, there's nothing for you to be embarrassed about, so you should ignore everything that they say.

16. Passionate

If you have something you're passionate about, you're a lucky woman. It means that you have something to live for.

17. Happy

Some people will be so jealous of your happiness that they'll call you a bitch, just so that they can upset you. Their only goal is to make you sad, so don't let them get their way!


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