26 YouTube Comments That Will Actually Make You Laugh

“It’s 3 a.m. I don’t even have dreads. What am I doing here?”

The hilarious results
We asked the Community to send us the funniest YouTube comments they’ve ever seen. Here are the hilarious results.

1. The truth about Miley Cyrus.

2. The scariest moment of your life.

3. The saddest funeral of all.

4. The struggle of not being artistic.

5. This almost self-castration.

6. The hardship of being single.

7. The best workout ever.

8. Harry Potter: And the Time Ron Left to Work With Ed Sheeran.

9. Somebody who you used to know.

10. The smelliest fruit in the world.

11. This famous actor who luckily forgot about the dance number in Ella Enchanted.

12. That person who is quietly judging himself…

13. The most honest movie review in cinematic history.

14. Whatever the heck this is from.

15. This perfect Draco Malfoy quote.

16. This.

17. This college-level analysis of “Get Low.”

18. This genius response for every video with poor quality.

19. This comment from a number one fan.

20. This Disney Channel ghost story.

21. The Disney and Harry Potter crossover you always wanted.

22. Instructions were unclear.

23. The truth behind makeup tutorials.

24. This egg with sunglasses.

25. The little girl’s hidden secret.

26. And this comment that is ALL of us.


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