Beautiful Animals Filled With The Northern Lights

Long journey into the deepest, darkest north

Stunning portraits of animals
Thanks to the technique of double-exposure photography, Norwegian Andreas Lie has made these stunning portraits of animals filled with the technicolour glows of the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis.

The work shows a love for the fauna of Norway and the extraordinary light phenomenon that many dream of seeing, by making the long journey into the deepest, darkest north.

Or, in the case of the summer months, it’s the deepest, lightest north. If you travel to the arctic islands of Svalbard, the sun doesn’t set between April and late August. Here you can do a midnight walk on a glacier or look at the reddish sky from a moving dogsled, experiencing the unique climate and nature near the North Pole.

The Northern Lights are a draw for photographers, but also a challenge. Just like photographing the moon, or subtle sunsets, it’s technically difficult to get the light right and represent what you’re seeing. Luckily, some photographers have been able to bring back fabulous images.


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