19 Crafting Hacks to up Your Craftsy Game

A list for non-craftsy people that try to do all those Pinterest DIY's

The ultimate craft hacks
I am so not a craftsy person and while I've tried so many times to become craftsy, it's hard! So ladies, I developed a list for all of the non-craftsy people that try to do all those Pinterest DIY's that are on your boards. Take a look below for the ultimate craft hacks!

1. Use a Fork to Make a Tiny Pom-pom

How cool and easy!

2. Problems with Your Circular Needles?

Soak them in a bit of hot water to relax them.

3. Wrap up Your Floss

Clothspin + Floss = Genius!

4. Air Vent and Stamps?

Perfect place to store them!

5. Lint Roller + Glitter

You'll get it all up easily!

6. Duct Tape + Baby Wipe

It won't stick!

7. Store Ribbon on Your Walls with Crown Molding

So easy!

8. Spice Rack Will Become Your Friend

Store everything little in there!

9. Store Your Paints Easily

With binder clips!

10. Put Glue Sticks into the Freeze

To helpm stringing so much.

11. Dull Craft Punch?

Use foil to sharpen it!

12. Glue Strand Problems?

Use a blow-dryer to make them disappear!

13. Hang up Your Extra Fabric/patterns in Your Closet!

All you need are clippy hangers and bags!

14. Use Lots of Ribbon?

Use a holey basket to keep track of it!

15. Binder Clip and Bowl – Great Yarn Dispenser!

It works too!

16. Get Creases out of Ribbons

Just use a lightbulb!

17. Making a Wreath?

Instead of buying a wreath form, use a pool-noodle!

18. Use Sponges to …

...move the fabric when you are quilting.

19. How to Wind Yarn

You can even pull it from the center!


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