24 Forgotten Items All Late ’90s Teen Girls Were Slightly Obsessed With

Remember when all you wanted in life was a long denim A-line skirt from Delia’s?

Eyeball in the jewelry box
1. Oh-so-dreamy mosquito net canopies:

Not only did you LOVE the look, but it also made you feel a bit ethereal. (Bonus if you tie-dyed yours.)

2. Hemp products from The Body Shop:

There was nothing more grunge than using a lotion that insinuated you might like pot.

3. Orbitz:

Pre-Boba, you were all about drinking funky floating bubbles. Essentially, you wanted to look like you were chugging a lava lamp.

4. Hair mascara

There’s nothing like being able to wash out your highlights before your parents got home.

5. Glints (if you were looking for something a little more committal):

It was so subtle your parents probably didn’t even notice you dyed your hair.

6. Knee-high boots:

This throwback to the ’60s go-go basically went with everything from shift dresses to your favorite cords.

7. Personalizing everything:

“I think there’s room for that NOFX patch right under the STP logo.”

8. Bonne Bell LipShades:

They looked like lighters and they were also the perfect shades of mocha to pair with your plum lip liner.

9. Blacklight accessories:

Regardless of whether you were in the rave scene, you were determined to glow in the dark. Bonus points for feeling like a college student when your posters lit up at night.

10. Novelty rings:

I still have that eyeball in my jewelry box. It’s hard to find jewelry that matches your iris so perfectly these days.

11. Dr. Scholl’s wooden clogs:

If your young feet were in no way Dr. Scholl’s target audience, why did they come in so many awesome colors?

12. Sparkly vending machine stickers:

Basically these were the perfect way to accessorize your locker, book covers, and folders.

13. Glow-in-the-dark stars:

If you didn’t have these on your bedroom ceiling, you weren’t a true ’90s teen. OK, so you were, but you def knew at least five girls who did have them.

14. Hologram clothing and accessories:

Because Y2K was right around the corner, and nothing screamed “THE FUTURE” like shiny holographic clothing.

15. Embellished jeans:

Whether they were beads, exotic trim, or embroidery, these jeans made you feel fancy AF.

16. Long A-line skirts:

These were like your favorite baggy jeans, but dressier. But most important of all, they were oh-so-comfy to wear.

17. Face and body glitter:

If you didn’t have sparkles encircling your eyelids, you weren’t living.

18. Tibetan prayer bead bracelets:

Let’s be honest: You had no idea what these were supposed to be — you just loved stacking several of them at a time.

19. Saris:

Once Gwen appropriated that bindi, a whole new world of color and texture was open to you. Thanks to Urban Outfitters, you probably had saris covering your couch, bed, and wall.

20. Celestial patterns:

The iconic gold sun/moon/stars were everywhere a teen girl could be found.

21. Your custom day planner:

Before you could express yourself with your choice of phone case, your choice of planner said everything people needed to know about how you wanted the world to see you. Plus it held all the photos you took at the mall with your friends.

22. J.A.N.E. cosmetics:

Long before you discovered the MAC counter or Sephora, you were stocking up on every shade that hit the Target shelves.

23. Overlay dresses:

Brocade overlays and sweetheart necklines? Nothing says ’90s girl like looking like you were wearing 1920s lingerie.

24. Hair wraps:

Hemp, colored, done by a beach vendor or DIY, your hair wrap (and the charms you adorned it with) was basically an extension of your personality. (See what we did there?)


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