Here's the Reality behind Open Relationships

They might not work for everyone

Different opinions, rules and interest
Open relationships are some of the hardest relationships out there. While they might not work for everyone, aren't you just a little curious what an open relationship is all about? I did and that's why I scoured Google to find all of the different opinions, rules and interest about open relationships.

1. You've Got to Put It All on the Table in the Beginning

First things first, you've got to talk it over with your partner. Be sensitive when you're bringing it up though, but explain exactly why this is something you'll want to try.

2. There Needs to Be Ground Rules Set

The reality of it is, maybe different relationships end in cheating. That means that in an open relationship, there needs to be ground rules so nobody gets hurt – even if you are open, doesn't mean your partner can go off and have sex with tons of different people behind your back.

3. Polyamorists Say, Communication is KEY

If you're thinking about changing your relationship to open, you've GOT to communicate everything. It's the only way to make this type of relationship work.

4. There Has Got to Be a Great Foundation of Trust

Truth be told, you and your partner (or partners) need to trust each other in every single different way. This goes hand-in-hand with communicating openly.

5. You've Also Got to Be Flexible

If you're in this type of relationship, flexibility is definitely a building block to the relationship.

6. It Can Increase Sexual Intimacy

Sometimes, in a relationship, one partner has a larger sexual appetite than the other, if you're in an open relationship, the partner that has a larger appetite has a chance to quench their appetite a bit.

7. An Open Relationship Can Be Risky

After all, you are having sex with multiple people, so the chance for an STD is higher.

8. Boundaries Are Something That Are Needed in This Relationship

You might want to keep a few things about your escapades to yourself, especially in the beginning if you are considering this type of relationship.

9. You've Got to Speak up

If something in his relationship doesn't work out for you, you've got to speak up and you've got to make sure that your partner is aware.

10. You Don't Want to Cheat

Yes, you'll be having sex with different people, but if your relationship rules are outlined that you can't have sex with certain people or during certain times, don't cheat.

11. Make Sure You're Making the Change for the Right Reasons

If you decide to make the change mind you.

12. You Should Tell Your Other Partners

Never, ever keep anything about your relationship a secret from anyone.

13. You'll Need to Have Regular Check-ins with Your Partner

Meaning, you'll have to communicate, just like the rule above more and more with your partner, you'll have to check in and revisit the topic a ton.

14. Sometimes, It Can Hurt

Yes, sometimes, especially in the beginning, being in this type of relationship can hurt. It isn't easy.

15. There Can Be Jealousy

Again, especially in the beginning, you'll be jealous. So will your partner.

16. You Could Get Resentful

Which is something that you'll have to control, something you'll have to work on.

17. Remember, if It Isn't Working...

Stop doing it! If your partner doesn't want to stop? You may need to find a new partner.


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