DIY Homemade Slime Recipes

Now make it yourself with kids

For Endless Kids Fun
Slime, Flubber, Silly Putty, all of which are very unique substances that kids love! It stretches without breaking, yet it can be “snapped off” cleanly. It bounces higher than a rubber ball. It floats if you shape it. The slime can be passed around to family and friends and even taken to parties to be dropped, stretched, and molded to the delight of many. Kids could spend hours using the putty to copy images from comics and then distort the images by bending and stretching. Now make it yourself with kids and start play with the simple gob of goo together. Having fun there.

Galaxy Slime Tutorial

How to DIY Star Spangled Slime


Frozen Slime Tutorial

DIY Homemade Silly Putty Recipe without Borax

Rainbow Slime Recipe

Unicom Poop Slime Recipes


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