Learn About True Love From These Lifelong Couples Of The Animal Kingdom

Like good old-fashioned monogamy

Dedication to life partners
With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, romance is certainly in the air!

After all, it’s the season for expressing your love to those who are near and dear to you. For some people, it’s even the right moment to ask one of the biggest questions of them all, like this gentleman surprising his long-time girlfriend with a sweet proposal.

These days, it seems like good old-fashioned monogamy is making a serious comeback — and why not? It’s a beautiful thing to find a partner who you want to spend your life with!

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Just ask the animal kingdom!

Though you may think most critters follow more unconventional family structures, plenty of adorable creatures are made even cuter by their dedication to their life partners.

Scroll through the gallery below to see which animals choose to spend life with their one-and-only!

1. French Angelfish

These brightly-colored tropical fish swim through life side-by-side.

They hunt for food together, defend their territory from interlopers, and stay together until death.

2. Shingleback Skinks

Monogamy is pretty rare among lizards, but these skinks are the exception.

They move in with each other in the spring, then usually get pregnant around the end of summer. They’ll part for a bit, but get together again the same time next year.

3. Gibbons

While most of our primate relatives in the animal kingdom are a bit promiscuous, gibbons pick one partner for life.

Together, they raise their offspring, and usually live as part of a big family group with other mated pairs.

4. Wolves

Wolves might be predators, but they still have a tender side!

The alpha male and female of a pack are like the “mom” and “dad.” They stay together, raising their pups with help from the other adults in the pack, who stay single.

5. Swans

Monogamy is surprisingly common for birds, but swans are one of the most famous examples.

In fact, one of their courtship rituals involves twining their necks together to form a perfect heart!

6. Beavers

It makes a lot of sense that beavers stick together for the long haul!

After all, they do a lot of heavy lifting, and everyone knows that hard work is easier with a companion to help you out.

7. Prairie Voles

Rodents aren’t really known for settling down, but prairie voles do just that!

Scientists even think they might be genetically programmed to settle down once they find a partner.

8. Penguins

These aquatic birds might just have the most famous courtship ritual of them all!

Much like a human picking out a ring, male penguins search for ages to find the perfect pebble to present to their lady-love. If she accepts the pebble, it’s a match, and they’ll stay together forever!


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