9 Creative Optical Illusion Photographs

Looking beyond what the photograph can offer at first glance

Photography post-production
We first introduced you to Erik Johansson back in 2013, showing how his skills with photography post-production (read: photoshop!) turned the landscapes in his native Sweden into amazing objects of his imagination.

Now here’s an update: still cleverly blending his photographs together, Johansson’s work is a lesson in looking beyond what the photograph can offer at first glance. By seeing a washing line in an electricity line, a mooring rope in a fishing line, or a sheet in a covering of snow, Johansson playfully invites us to see dreamscapes in photographs. We’re just looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

The Cover Up
Land Fall
Leaving Home
Don’t Look Back
The Architect
Endless Reflections
Free Breakers
Expecting Winter


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