Abandoned Kittens now go Canoeing, Hiking and Sailing

Leave on an adventure in the great outdoors

More outdoor skills
Bolt and Keel are brother kittens who were found behind the bin of a local park. The pair who found them were going to take them to the abandoned animal shelter, but it was closed that day and the new owners were about to leave on an adventure in the great outdoors. It looked like the kittens were going to have to come along too!

The two kittens have now tried hiking, sailing, canoeing and camping, and are looking forward to learning even more outdoor skills.

Kept out of the rain in their kitten backpack
Helping to balance the boat
Identical smiles
Nice way to travel
Adorable travelling companion
Kayaking natural
Kitten safe in its safety harness
Wrapped up warm in their woollen blankets
Brotherly love
Possibly the sweetest kittens ever?
Old (and experienced!) enough to strike out on their own
Pirates have parrots… hikers have kittens!
Cold paws?


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