These Photos Reveal What Actors Actually See When They’re On Stage

What is going on backstage

Fascinating subject
laus Frahm is an architectural photographer. This means he specialises in photographing interesting buildings, and theatres are a fascinating subject for him because of what they reveal and conceal.

Usually, if a show is good, we don’t think about what is going on backstage. But these photos reveal the extraordinary apparatus that actors have in their line of vision. It makes it even more impressive to think about how they can conjure an imaginary world and project it through that rectangular arch.

A thought-provoking and revealing collection of photographs…

Hamburg State Opera, Hamburg
Residenztheater, Munich
Bayreuth Festival Theatre, Bayreuth
Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg
Neue Flora, Hamburg
Leipzig Opera House, Leipzig
Margravial Opera House, Bayreuth
Deutsches Theatre und Kammerspiele, Berlin
Theater Gütersloh, Gütersloh


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