7 Boundaries to Set in Your Relationships

Few boundaries you should set with your man

Everyone will feel comfortable
Relationships require boundaries. That way, everyone will feel comfortable. According to Bustle, here are a few boundaries you should set with your man:

1. What You Can Call Each Other

Can your partner handle being called names, as long as you're joking? Or will they get offended?

2. How You Will Fight

Does your partner need space when they're mad? Or do they need to talk things out immediately?

3. When You Get Alone Time

You can't be together 24/7. You need to agree on certain times to stay apart, so you can get some alone time.

4. How You Act on Social Media

Does he want you to brag about him on social media? Or does he want you to keep all of the juicy details about your relationship to yourself?

5. What You Share with Each Other

Are you going to share your bank account? Your passwords? Your fries?

6. If You Will Commit to Each Other

Will you still flirt with other people? Will you still sleep with other people? You need to talk to your man to find out.

7. How You'll Have Sex

You can't do anything to your partner without their consent. That's why you need to ask them what they do and don't want in the bedroom.


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