17 Crazy Things People do in the Name of Love

That's not always a romantic thing

It's a dangerous thing
Love can make people do crazy things. Of course, that's not always a romantic thing. Sometimes, it's a dangerous thing. Here are a few things that people have done in the name of love that you should avoid doing at all costs:

1. Give up Your Dreams

You should settle down with someone who wants the same things out of life as you do. That way, you won't have to give up your dreams for them. Instead, you can live our your dreams together.

2. Quit Your Job

If you love your job, don't let your partner convince you to quit. If you were with the right person, they'd support your career choice.

3. Kill

Don't let your feelings convince you to do anything crazy. If the person you love hurts you, you can't solve the problem with violence. You'll only make it all worse.

4. Get into Fights

Don't get into a fist fight with someone over your partner. There's no reason to compete for their affection.

5. Spend All of Your Money on Them

Your partner shouldn't expect you to waste your paycheck on gifts for them. They should be happy with the little gifts you give them everyday, like your kisses and your hugs.

6. Change Your Appearance

Don't wear the type of clothing your partner likes, even though you hate it. You shouldn't alter your appearance just to please a man. He should like you just the way you are.

7. Change Your Personality

Changing your personality is just as bad as changing your appearance. You shouldn't have to pretend to be someone you're not in order to get a boyfriend. There's someone out there that will love you, flaws and all.

8. Stalk Them

If your crush is the right one for you, you won't have to stalk him in order to feel like you're a part of his life.

9. Lie

Don't lie in order to impress your man. He's going to find out the truth eventually, and then you'll be in a whole lot of trouble.

10. Steal

Your boyfriend will understand it if you're too broke to buy him a birthday gift. Don't steal in order to impress him. He'd prefer a handwritten card to a stolen game system.

11. Lower Your Standards

You should never lower your standards, just so you can say you have a boyfriend. It's better to be single than in a relationship with someone who treats you poorly.

12. Keep Them Hidden Away

Some people will actually keep their partner hidden away out of jealousy. Of course, that's unfair. They deserve to live their life, just like you do.

13. Move across the Country

You can't leave your home town, your friends, and your job without thinking it through. Sometimes, leaving behind everything you love for one person is a mistake.

14. Dump Your Friends

Don't ignore your friends once you find a boyfriend. If you two ever break up, then you'll be alone in the world.

15. Stop Taking Your Birth Control

Some women will stop using protection in order to get pregnant, because they think it'll keep their man around. Of course, that's a horrible idea, because he could still leave.

16. Starve Yourself

Your partner shouldn't care about your weight. That means there's absolutely no reason to starve yourself in order to make your body look "better" for him.

17. Ruin Your Life

Some people will completely ruin their lives, just because they're in love. Don't let that happen to you. There are more important things in life than relationships.


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