Show off Your Wild Side with These Animal Print Nails

Combine it with animal print for a spot on look

Go all out with the wild stuff
Animal print has been popular for a long time and it probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon. If you're not ready to go all out with the wild stuff, consider giving it a try on your nails. Nail art is trending big time and since it's probably here to stay for a while too, combine it with animal print for a spot on look that will get you loads of compliments.

1. Perfect Cheetah Print

2. Pastel Prints

3. Each One a Little Different

4. Look at All That Color

5. How about Some Neon?

6. Fantastic Zebra

7. A Little Bit of Glitter

8. How Adorable!

9. Try Bright Red

10. Ombre Effect

11. Gold and Shiny

12. Colored Spots

13. Colorful Zebra

14. Purple and Pink

15. A Pop of Red

16. Lots of Pink

17. Check out This Peachy Color

18. Black and Silver

19. Neon and Nude

20. Something Really Different

21. Totally Perfect


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