How to Show Him You Care without Being Too Mushy

There's a time and a place to show someone how much you care

Few things that you can do
We're not all hopeless romantics. Even if you are, there's a time and a place to show someone how much you care. If your relationship is still in its beginning stages, you don't want to go overboard with your affection and scare your man away. So if you want to show him you care without being too mushy, here are a few things that you can do:

1. Send Him a Romantic Song Instead of Singing a Love Song

You don't have to learn how to play his favorite song on guitar and then serenade him by his window. You should just find a cute song with lyrics that make you think of him and send it to him in an email.

2. Text Him Movie Lines Instead of Writing Love Poems

You don't have to create an epic poem about your burning love for him. Instead, you can text him a romantic line from one of his favorite movies.

3. Strip Tease Instead of Slow Dance

You don't have to play a Barry White song and dance around the living room with him. You can do a little strip tease for him in the bedroom instead.

4. Make Him Fries Instead of a Whole Meal

You don't have to make him an elaborate meal and place it on a table filled with flowers and candles. He should be just as happy with a plate of fries or pizza rolls.

5. Buy Him Candy Instead of Expensive Gifts

You don't have to buy him a new Playstation for his birthday. If you buy him his favorite candy, he'll be happy that you actually pay attention to the things that he likes.

6. Shower with Him Instead of Making a Bath for Him

You don't have to run a bath for him with bubbles and soothing music. Instead, you can turn on the shower and step inside of it with him.

7. Bring Him Beer Instead of Red Wine

You don't have to waste your paycheck on red wine. He'll be happy with the cheapest beer in the store, as long as he's with you.

8. Oral Sex Instead of a Massage

If you're sexually active, you can skip the back massage. Instead, you can give him a massage a little lower on his body.

9. Watch Netflix Instead of Watching the Stars

You don't have to sit outside in order to enjoy nature. You can put on a nature documentary from Netflix instead.

10. Buy Him a Fandom Shirt Instead of Matching Shirts

You don't have to buy him an outfit that matches your outfit. Instead, you can buy him a fandom shirt with a picture of his favorite band or TV show. He'll love it!

11. Have Hot Sex Instead of Slow Sex

Slow sex isn't always the best sex. Try speeding it up and see how much fun you have.

12. Tickle Him Instead of Cuddling Him

Instead of cuddling with him until you fall asleep, get close to him by tickling him.

13. Make out in a Bathroom Instead of in the Rain

Instead of waiting for it to rain and making out under the raindrops, you can make out in a public place. It'll give you a spike of adrenaline.

14. Say, "you’re Sexy" Instead of "I Love You"

You don't have to say those three little words constantly. He'll be happy to hear compliments about his looks, as well.

15. Have Candlelit Sex Instead of a Candlelit Dinner

Instead of lighting candles in the kitchen, you should light candles in the bedroom. Then you can make love by them.

16. Go Skinny-dipping Instead of Walking on the Beach

You don't have to talk about your hopes and dreams while walking along the edge of the water. You can strip down and go skinny-dipping instead.

17. Stay in on the Weekend Instead of Having a Weekend Getaway

You don't have to buy tickets to Disneyland. You can stay inside and watch Disney movies all weekend, instead!


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