Couple casually takes stunning engagement photos in record-setting blizzard

The weather as an opportunity to snap some photos

The two lovebirds and die-hard snow bunnies
For one Northeastern couple, buckets full of snow close to their wedding day is not so much a nightmare, but a dream come true.

Over the stormy weekend, during what most people would consider a snowpocalyptic excuse to stay indoors, one loving pair took the weather as an opportunity to snap some photos. After hearing the news of a huge blizzard, Felicia Sam and David Nartey jumped at the chance to brace the cold, taking along their photographer Dotun Ayodeji to capture their engagement in wonderful snowy fashion.

The fearless couple hit the road early Friday evening for Fort Meade, Maryland, driving more than half an hour to reach their destination, according to ABC News.

The two lovebirds and die-hard snow bunnies admit their love for chilly weather is strong, going on to say, "We were like kids playing in the snow. We threw snow balls at each other. We actually had a lot of fun."

And if facing a dangerous snowstorm doesn't seem quite treacherous enough — David shares the fact that he proposed to Felicia right before October's 2015 Hurricane Joaquin.

Daredevils or just lovers of mother nature? Whatever the motivation, the final results are pretty stunning.


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