7 Things You'll Change Your Mind about after You Fall in Love

Few opinions that it just might alter

See the world in a whole new way
Love can turn your whole world around. No, finding a boyfriend shouldn't change your entire personality, but there are a few opinions that it just might alter, because you'll begin to see the world in a whole new way. Here are a few things that you'll probably change your mind about after you fall in love:

1. Love Isn't Worth the Stress

If you've gotten your heart broken time and time again, you'll assume that love isn't worth it. However, once you fall for Mr. Right, you'll realize that you were wrong. Love actually is worth it, as long as you're with the right person. He'll make everything feel worthwhile.

2. All Men Are Jerks

You might think that all boys are trouble. However, you'll eventually meet a boy that'll be worth the wait. He'll prove to you that not all men are out to get you. Some of them are genuinely sweet, and would do anything in order to make you happy. Once you fall in love, your opinion on the male gender should change for good.

3. Marriage and Kids Are Pointless

Some people are against marriage and children, and won't ever change their minds about the subject. However, there are certain people who think they aren't interested in monogamy, but change their minds as soon as they meet the right person. After you fall in love, you'll find it out if you really have your heart set against children or if you actually want to have them after all.

4. All Couple Activities Are Stupid

After you fall in love, you'll start to like the idea of game nights and matching sweaters. Even though you thought those things were stupid in the past, your perspective on them will completely change. You might even start watching some of the horrible romantic comedies that you always hated in the past. After all, now that you know what it feels like to be in love, you see everything in a whole new way.

5. Your Couple Friends Are Annoying

You've always called your friends stupid for becoming so obsessed with their boyfriends, but now you understand the hype. You can't make fun of them anymore, because you're now part of a happy couple, as well. You'll want to brag about your boyfriend and show him off just as often as your other friends do.

6. It's Better to Be Alone

You can be single and live a happy life. However, if you're lucky enough to find your soulmate, you'll realize pretty quickly that you'd be much happier with him than you ever would be alone. That means that you're going to have to stop fooling yourself into believing that you're the only one you can trust, and start opening your heart up to others.

7. Love Never Lasts

If you grew up around a lot of divorced couples, you've probably been led to believe that love doesn't last. However, after you fall in love, you'll start to change your mind about that. You'll realize that it's entirely possible to make a relationship last forever, as long as both parties are willing to sacrifice certain things to make that happen.


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