Funny Valentine's Gifts for Your Best Friend

Don't forget to buy a little gift

Enjoy Valentine's Day
You don't need a date in order to enjoy Valentine's Day. You can spend it with your friends instead! Just don't forget to buy them a little gift. According to you should buy your bestie one of these funny gifts:

1. Candy Man

She doesn't need a real man when she has a candy man. Buy it for $9 on

2. A Case of Cold Hard Love

If a boy can't make her happy, then alcohol might. Buy it for $16 on

3. Book about Love

Remind her that she doesn't need a guy to love her as long as you're around. Buy it for $12 on

4. New Phone Case

Who needs to go on dates when they could go out to brunch with their bestie? Buy it for $40 on

5. Selfie Tips

This book will help her take amazing selfies and impress her crush. It's only $12 on

6. Ice Cream

This is $80 on Of course, you could always buy her some ice cream from the dollar store.

7. Shirt

This is $50 on Of course, you could probably make a similar shirt for her!


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