Really cool products which are Made in Latvia

Small but really creative country

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Here is list of some really cool products which comes from this small but really creative country.

1. Red Seal Tea

2. Neeman Tools

3. Mammu

4. Betolli

5. Wooden cupholders for bicycles

6. Beer Blaind date, Blonde Sin and others

6. Playful fashion for little girls

7. Scientists, cardiologists and chocolate craftsmen have created a unique product for health of heart, eyes, brain and overall body health

8. Snow sleds SnowCross

9. Luxury furniture Morozov & Son

10. Walmoo – Simple tools for powerful loyalty programs and marketing campaigns

11. Im Your Shirt

12. Bug Wooden Accessories

13. Custom Ride

14. Volkova Accessories

15. An & Angel – Crystal and glass design

16. JZ Microphones

17. Runbike DIP DAP

18. Bow Tie Cevoul

19. The Kiwi Wars Stickers and T-shirts


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