Sixties Poolside Glamour Illustrated Via Aerial Lifesaver Shots

Leisure feeling of hanging by the pool and sipping a cocktail

Pop-culture oomph and the brash attitude
Those were the days of sweet sugary colors, bold hairstyles and a new lifestyle ease. At least, that is the vibe of the 60s – the period that everyone thinks of with nostalgia, sweetly remembering the pop-culture oomph and the brash attitude. Gray Malin, the photographer who took these aerial poolside shots, says that he was inspired by the Mediterranean glamor of the 1960’s. The jet-set style of the time, so present in the graphic movies from the period, is here presented with the leisure feeling of hanging by the pool and sipping a cocktail while laid on a striped lifesaver.

The photos were taken in a resort pool on the coast of Spain. Photos capture hundreds of vibrantly colored inner-tubes that resemble life-savers, put on the smooth water surface and viewed from above. Unless you already are, this is just the right moment to put yourself in a holiday mood!

Yellow Lounger

The Diver

Poolside Plunge


Drifting Away/Light Blue Allure

Orange Crush

Poolside Aperitif

The Great Escape

Out of Office


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