Police in Ecuador Help a Lost and Frightened Sloth to Cross the Road

The sloth was frightened and tense

The pictures are very cute
This particular sloth was very brave and adventurous. It couldn’t hope to rival the speed of the cars on one of Ecuador‘s busiest highways.

When traffic cops spotted the sloth clinging to a post in the middle of the road, they stopped to see if they could help it. It turned out that the sloth was frightened and tense. They took it to an animal hospital before it could be released back into the wild.

The pictures are very cute and have given the Ecuadorean Transport Commission a global following.

Sloths move very slowly and famously have three toes
The motorway patrol spotted the sloth

The sloth was frightened and didn’t want to let go of the post

The police coaxed the sloth into their van to take it to animal hospital

It even looks like it managed a smile


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