This Crazy Apartment in Kazakhstan has its Own Ski Slope

A reason to build your own ski slope in your apartment

70 million dollars to build
For many people, skiing is a big passion. Skiiers can suffer withdrawal symptoms if they have to skip a season, as they miss the adrenaline rush that gets them through a damp winter. But is that a reason to build your own ski slope in your apartment???

The architecture firm Shokhan Mataibekov Architects definitely thought so. Below is the “Slalom House”. It’s in Astana in Kazakhstan, and cost 70 million dollars to build.

The ski slope is powered with artificial snow called ‘Snowflex’ apparently a ‘credible alternative to snow’.

Definitely more fun than taking the elevator.

“Slalom House” is covered in artificial snow

It looks like a huge toboggan or flume attached to an apartment

Residents will be able to ski down to street level

Or go for a quick ski after work without having to leave the building

Skiing is definitely a quick way to get between floors

The artificial snow means that it won’t melt when the sun shines


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