Oslo plans to ban cars from city center by 2019

60 kilometers of bicycle lanes

Public consultation
In order to enable the imposition of this measure, they are working on the construction of 60 kilometers of bicycle lanes and greatly investing in the city’s public transportation systems. Trams, buses, delivery vehicles and cars carrying disabled people will be the only ones allowed to run in the city center. The initiative suggested by the new city council, will be subject to public consultation and pilot schemes before being implemented.

Other European capitals investing in similar efforts to control the movement of cars in the center, reducing traffic and pollution. Paris has already tested the idea of ??a 24-hour ban for cars with plates ending in even numbers on one day and odd numbers on another. London and Madrid, which have large sidewalks for pedestrians in their central areas, already adopted congestion charges to limit car traffic.

Oslo has about 600,000 inhabitants and almost 350,000 cars. Norway itself has taken a progressive stance which includes great tax incentives for electric vehicles, which can even use the bus lanes. In only a few months, these incentives resulted in EV models like the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla S becoming the most sold vehicles in the country.


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