13 Reasons You And Joey Tribbiani Are Bascially The Same Person

This won’t be *entirely* about your love for food

You are guilty
1. You refuse to grow up.

2. And you’re in denial about how old you actually are.

3. Food is always on your mind.

4. You will eat absolutely anything.

5. And of course, you really like pizza

6. You don’t know the meaning of moderation when it comes to eating.


7. You tend to over-exaggerate.

8. And you’ve been known to overthink simple things.

9. You and your best friend are pretty much married.

10. You ask the important questions.

11. Sometimes you’re a bit slow.

12. And you are guilty of having a bedtime pal like Hugsy.

13. But most of all, you have a huge heart and people love you for it.


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