Build your own outdoor swimming pool using wooden pallets

Try this easy and inexpensive project

Be cool for the summer
When the hot summer days come along, nothing’s better than a nice pool to cool us off. But if you can’t afford to build an expensive outdoor pool at home, maybe you can try building it yourself! Thanks to a genius idea by Torben Jung from Sweden, you can try this easy and inexpensive project to build your own outdoor swimming pool in your backyard. All you’ll need are some wooden pallets and you’ll soon be cool for the summer.

1. Take a heavy duty tarp and lay it out where you’d like your pool to be. Then, make the frame of the pool by standing 9 pallets end to end on the tarp.

2. Then connect all the pallets by nailing boards to them where they meet, especially on top. You can also wrap the whole outside surface created by the pallets with heavy duty load straps, for added support.

3. Next, line the inside of the canvas with tarp, and fluffy blankets and towels to cushion the edges and bottom.

4. Once the blankets and tarps are accommodated, secured them with the help of a staple gun and duct tape.

5. Finally, add the finishing touches for aesthetic purposes. As seen in the picture, Jung created an outer shell made of bamboo sticks and wooden ledge. If you wish to do the same, make sure to nail the ledge to the pallets, securing the liner in between.

Now just pop open a cold beer, and enjoy the summer cooling off in your new outdoor pool.


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