The Round-the-World Adventures of 4 year-old Mirai Chan

Rosy-cheeked girl in 2011

An instant success
Japanese photographer Kotori Kawashimamade this series of round-the-world portraits of his friend’s daughter. He wanted to portray a child discovering the world. The results are extremely cute, and Kawashima released a whole book called “Mirai Chan” featuring the rosy-cheeked girl in 2011. The book was an instant success in Japan and earned the photographer theKodansha Publishing Culture Award Photos Award in the same year.

Wearing traditional Japanese prints

Yellow boots!

Bath time!

Tasting snow

Tasting breakfast…

Caught in a snow shower

The same size as her

The little girl being a real moody Parisienne in Paris

From the rooftops of Paris
Inspirational hair cut


Hiding (again)

With a rabbit and a cat

Nap time

“I wanted a purple one!”

Beach chic to rival Jackie Kennedy

Finding out what a rainbow is

Time for tea

Beautiful Japanese costume

In Oxford, UK!


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