Surf without the need of waves with an electric powered board

The most basic prerequisite for surfing

Carving the perfect wave
Those who surf can guarantee that there is no better feeling than carving the perfect wave. However, surfing requires some essentials in order to happen: a board, some courage and skills, and obviously, waves!

But Spanish company Onean just launched a product that drops the most basic prerequisite for surfing: the waves. Their Electric Jet Board is a board powered by a 4400-Watt electric motor, which allows surfing waveless waters in a considerable speed without the surfer ever even setting foot on the beach. Even though waves are no longer essential to surfing, water and skills still remain indispensable.

Similar to a traditional long board, the Electric Jet Board is controlled by a wireless remote, which controls its speed to the likes -and courage- of the surfer. Two different models of the board are available for pre-order, exclusively in Europe for now, for around €3,500, which includes the board, a wireless remote, battery (which can handle about 20 minutes at full thrust), charger, leash, footstrap and fin set for the bottom of the board.


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