Amazing Makeup Inspired by the Pantone Colors of the Year

A range of colors meant to soothe and calm us in 2016

Unwind and cut back on the go-go-go feeling
Each year Pantone brings us the colors of the year, which are a range of colors meant to soothe and calm us in 2016. As more and more people want to unwind and cut back on the go-go-go feeling that we have fallen prey to, they are seeking out ways to help them do this. By incorporating makeup that features the Pantone colors, you can include some of these calming colors in your everyday routine while also making things more exciting. Here are the makeup products you need.

1. Rose Quartz Lip Gloss

Rose quartz is the top Pantone color for 2016 and this lip gloss is perfect.

2. Anchor Blue Lip Gloss

Blue is a calming color and has a top spot in the Pantone colors for this year. Don't worry - it goes on clear!

3. Peachy Pink Blush

Pantone calls it Peach Echo and this shade is perfect on your cheeks.

4. Sky Colored Eye Shadow

Blue eye shadow is back in a big way and this shade is about as good as it gets.

5. Pantone Universe Lipstick

This rose quartz shade of lipstick is a wonderful addition to your makeup bag.
6. Buttercup Colored Nail Polish

Buttercup is one of the best Pantone colors of the year and this nail polish lets you rock it all day long.

7. Yellow Eye Shadow

Feeling a bit more daring? Try yellow on your eyes for something really different.

8. Pretty in Pink

You are going to love this pinky colored eye shadow!

9. Temporary Hair Color

This fun color goes into your hair and then washes out again without a huge committment.

10. Brown Eyeliner

Iced coffee is one of the Pantone colors for 2016 and this eyeliner lets you wear it well.

11. Mix It up Yourself

Use this palette of browns to create the perfect coffee color on your eyelids.

12. Sparkly Green Polish

Green flash is one of the top colors of this year and this polish is about as perfect as it gets.

13. Have a Fiesta

Fiesta is one of this year's Pantone colors and that gives you free reign to wear this color and have a party.

14. Lovely Lip Color

You are going to love how this pink color looks on your lips.

15. Green Eyed Beauty

Here's another great way to wear this year's best shade of green.

16. Ultimate Red Collection

This one is a bit of splurge, but you'll love what it can do for your look.

17. Shiny Purple Eye Color

One of the most popular Pantone colors for 2016 is Serenity, a perfect blend of purple with a hint of blue.

18. Fun Nail Polish

Here's a fun way to sport this year's perfect purpley color.

19. Peach Glitter Injections

Make yourself shine with this great glitter.

20. Dark Blue Mascara

This mascara lets you enjoy wearing the color Pantone calls Snorkel Blue.

21. All the Best Blues

This is the year you master blue eye shadow. Have fun with it!


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